Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser 

Do you transport dangerous goods from your site, even on an irregular basis ? If you do, then you may be required under the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) regulations 2017 to appoint a qualified dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA).

DCM Compliance is a leading supplier of dangerous goods safety advisor services. Our range of services include:

    • Site and vehicle DGSA audits
    • Completion of annual reports
    • Training for staff involved in the transport of dangerous goods
    • Repackaging and completion of paperwork for dangerous goods shipments.
    • Dangerous goods package labels and truck marking placards

Our experienced consultants have worked extensively in a wide range of industries including:

    • Healthcare
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Medical device
    • Transport / Logistics
    • Chemical
    • Laboratory

If you would like to discuss any issues regarding the transport of dangerous goods in your organisation, contact DCM Compliance to speak to one of our experienced consultants.

Email: sales@dcmcompliance.com
Contact:   +353 61 405 455   or    +44 120 8133 4551


Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (Industry)

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (Healthcare Sector)

Dangerous Goods Repackaging and Documentation