Safety Data Sheet Authoring and Translation

Since the 30th of November 2012, all Safety Data Sheets for products placed on the European market must be in compliance with Annex II REACH and CLP/GHS (for pure substances).

DCM Compliance, the leading supplier of SDS authoring services in Ireland, can provide you with the following range of Services in compliance with European regulations.

  • Preparation of SDS for your entire product inventory and/or intermediates.
  • International SDS preparation including United State of America and Europe.
  • Establishing an ongoing “review and update” of your existing SDS’s or the SDS’s we’ve created for your company.
  • Providing full-service SDS operation for your facility including incoming and outgoing SDS management.
  • SDS translation into various languages.

Supplier safety data sheet management software

We also offer a number of software systems to help you manage your supplier Safety Data Sheets. Click here for more details on this service.

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