Noise at Work Risk Assessment & Management

In accordance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application), Regulations 2007, (Chapter 1, Part 5) employers are required to carry out a noise exposure assessment.Employer’s must complete an assessment of risks above the lower exposure action value and provisions aimed at avoiding or reducing exposure.

Who should complete a noise at work risk assessment?

All employers where there is a potential exposure of employees to noise have a requirement to prevent or reduce the health & safety risks to their employees. In particular to:

  • assess the risks to employees from noise at work
  • take action to reduce the noise exposure that produces those risks
  • provide employees with hearing protection if they cannot reduce the noise exposure enough by using other methods and provide training on their correct use.
  • provide employees with information, instruction and training
  • carry out audio-metric checks.

DCM Compliance Noise Management Services

DCM Compliance can provide a number of services to help implement good noise management in your business. Our standard noise assessment service consists of a three step process:
1 – Initial review of Facility

  • Work practices
  • Work equipment
  • Preventative maintenance

2 – Monitoring at the facility.

3 – Review of results and recommendations

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