Introduction to GHS and CLP Training

The globally harmonized system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) is a UN led initiative to synchronise the classification and labelling of chemicals worldwide.
The classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) regulations (EG Reg 1272-2008) are the regulations for the implementation of GHS in Europe.DCM Compliance is running a 2.5 hour workshop to give company managers an introduction to GHS and how it will affect their business over time. The workshop is made up of a 90 minute presentation followed by an hour’s questions and answer session with the trainer

GHS \ CLP presentation

The presentation consists of :

  • Introduction to GHS legislation
  • Obligations for manufacturers / importers / end users.
  • Exemptions
  • Timelines for introduction

                  > Changes to safety data sheets

                  > Product classification and labelling.


GHS Plan for your business

DCM Compliance can also work with you to create a detailed plan to ensure the smooth introduction of the GHS and legislation to your business. This plan will include:

    • Completion of  GHS compliant safety data sheets
    • Staff training
    • Communication with suppliers and customers
    • Registration and notification of products/substances
    • Product labelling changes

If you want to talk to someone in relation to the completing REACH and GHS awareness training for your business,  Contact DCM Compliance.

Contact: 061 405 455

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Introduction to GHS & CLP Training