Manual Handling and Ergonomics Training

Injuries due to manual handling account for one in every three accidents reported to the health and safety authority (H.S.A.) on an annual basis.
The Irish Manual Handling of Loads Regulation place a requirement on the employer to:

  • Avoid/reduce hazardous manual handling
  • Conduct manual handling risk assessment
  • Provide instruction and training

DCM Compliance can provide your employees with the necessary skills to perform manual handling tasks to a recognised standard.

One of our trained consultants will come on your site and access the manual handling activities of your staff. We will then construct and present a training course specific to your company’s needs.
The course content will include:

  • Irish legislation associated with manual handling. (Common law, 2005 SHWW act, safety, health and welfare at work (General application) Regulations 2007, Part 2, Chapter 4)
  • Anatomy of the spine and mechanism of injury
  • Risk assessment for manual handling tasks
  • Practical manual handling techniques
  • Workplace ergonomics.

The average duration of a training course is 3 hours.

If you want to talk to someone in relation to the completing manual handling training for your business, Contact DCM Compliance.

Contact: 061 405 455


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